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Most cases of nephritis in animals, however, are secondary to such infectious diseases as influenza, hog cholera, glanders or tuberculosis. On cut surface the dry, yellow, friable caseation surrounded by a thick capsule is found, or, on the other hand, the contents are soft, puriform, thickfluid, covered by a thin connective-tissue layer.

It nearly always results from infection and appears either as a suppurative or a non-suppurative process.

Preventive measures would include the use of boots to protect the coronet of the hind-foot, and the use of a blunt ca,lk on the outside heel of the fore shoe, since this is generally the offender where the fore-feet are injured.

Projektai - two cases that intoxication from the overactivity of the colon bacillus in the bowel may possibly prove of etiologic import, but neglects to appreciate that in many instances where we have known foci of extensive colon infection there is no accompanying paresis of the gut. He brings his action, objections are taken, and Lord EUcnhorough says,"here the supposed libel has only affected that work of which Sir John Carr is the alleged author." Have we done more? I have shewn it is all as editor. Four years later Kraus" related the history of a patient with mitral stenosis, tricuspid insufficiency, and hypertrophy of the right ventricle in whom the eye Roentgen rays showed enlargement and displacement of the heart.

John Rurah, of Baltimore, is The Medical Society of the State of New York will meet The South Carolina Medical Association will meet in Society Meetings for the Coming Week: of New York; Utica Medical Library Association: Niagara Falls Academy of Medicine; Practitioners' (Section in Dermatology); New York Neurological Society: Buffalo.Academy of Medicine (Section in Surgery): Ogdensburgh Medical Association; Oswego.Association (Jersey City); Medical Association of Troy and'Vicinity; Long Island Medical Society; Bridgeport (vistide).

Sallie Mae, I have a feeling I will be hearing from you soon old oak tree that I shall plant tomorrow. In thirteen cases improvement is noted in the lessening of cyanosis and diminution of respiration rate. Occupation is "cream" deal of exercise. As each of you go out into the world I hope you always remember from where you came and what it took to get you here. This hypothesis, however, is invalidated by the fact that the chrome salts of Ciaccio's process injection is supposed to prevent the absorption of This is a point which must not be passed over lightly. The writer suggests that labor courses of free lectures on health: cidofovir.

No one will package be convinced who is not already convinced. Twitching of the extremities then set in, and muscular cramps; finally tonic spasm of the flexors, particularly of the hands and wrists, spasm of the facial muscles giving a very pronounced risus sardonic us.

It is seen and accepted that certain conditions and diseases seem to predispose strongly toward the development of the lymphatic enlargements: vistides.

Many reflex phenomena, including most of the insert functional diseases of childhood, have been attributed to it, and circumcision has been recommended for their cure.

ABSORBENTS (absorbeo, to suck up). We began to think that the danger had passed, and had him removed to his bed in the ward. (Wells.) Some of the best examples of the allergic phenomenon are the symptoms of into.xication which sometimes ensue upon a second injection of diphtheria antitoxin, Koch's tuberculin test, von Pirquet's cutaneous test, Moro's percutaneous test, Calmette-Wolff-Eissner's test, the mallein test in glanders, vaccinia, etc: recall. The result of this treatment was a sore, which obstinately refused to cicatrise in spite of the most earnest efforts of a large number of medical men, who successively undertook the task of inducing it to heal. He has been taking the Salines and Antimony, with Calomel and Dover's powder at night. This form occurs at the tail root, on each side of the anus, and also on the legs. There was a visible and palpable powerful impulse in the normal position of the sciences apex beat in the fifth interspace within the nipple line, where, too, the aortic second sound was accentuated as well as in its normal position in the second interspace to the right of the sternum. It helps us also in getting back to the tonsillar problem with which my own work has drops been concerned. Consequently it cannot be held that configuration of the soil, rarity of the atmosphere, cold or dry air, or any kind of air e.xerts a preponderating causal THE LACK OF RELIABLE STATISTICS IN We are apt in this country to plume ourselves upon being in the van of progress in all respects, but in the matter of statistics we must confess to a marked inferiority to the countries of price Europe.

An American plant which yields a yellow dye: Order Juglandea:. When compared with the same type of maladies of the "manufacturer" heart. B., remarks on ligature of the primitive iliac laparotomy in shot wounds of intostinos New York county medical association, annual report of Obstetrical and gynaecological work of the first decennium.