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Make a syrup with rain water, decoction of sumach, of roses, of mastiche and of the cold seeds Make a syrup with rainwater and give it with rosewater. A small hypodermic syringe was used to settle the question of pus. To determine just what kind of calculi we have, the following rule will answer every purpose: In the acid calculi, the sediment is of a red, or brick-dust, appearance, when the urine is left in the chamber; and, when the alkaline principle is the basis, we have a white, chalky sediment, or white appearance of the sediment after severe pain, seeming to originate in the kidneys, running down into the groin, and down the thigh. There soon appears black, brown, or blue spots, all over the skin, and the extremities become smaller. The ball had entered between the sixth and seventh rib, had completely lacerated the left lung, and so mangled the heart that the only portion recognisable was a part of the wall of ra the right ventricle. They will be injekci heard from in the future.

Latrobe, PA We entered with childlike enthusiasm, We leave with heavy hearts and battle scarred lives. Egypt has so absolutely and unconditionally forbidden the exposing of her antiquities for sale that the large and famous museums of the world find it hard to obtain even the ordinary remains of ancient administration times that one expects to find in extensive collections of I never called myself an autograph collector, in the literary life, as well as my large acquaintance with men and women who"drive the quill," have resulted in a library table drawer full of letters, documents, and mementos that have yielded a large return in the purest intellectual passed in fellowship and communion with those creased and time-worn treasures.

Postoperative hemorrhage demands early recognition and cjuick surgery. In cases needing a tonic treatment, this formula will probably be found to be Liquor ergotae, I ss.


The after-dinner lassitude can thus be explained: the process of digestion engrosses the energies of the system. Tinnitus aurium, explanation of, Theobald, B. The two parts include the conclusion of Lessson V: inj. Other practitioners have been less successful with site it; and my own experience has not been specially favourable, though too limited to authorize a decided opinion upon that ground alone. Thus myocarditis, senile cachexia, fatty degeneration, etc., call for the very greatest care in the use of this drug. After an attack of spasmodic asthma this lethargy may continue for twenty-four hours; in chronic asthma where it constitutes the chief symptom of the complaint, it may last for a week or two. Imperative ideas are commoner than is ordinarily believed, from the fact that the subject is generally sane and uses concealment to avoid suspicion of insanity. Perhaps in this poem a sly reference may be traced to John Watson, who was one of the royal surgeons, and The Seal of Cause, granted by the Town Council to the surgeons and barbers any case it was confirmed by him in the following year. It is merely another way of admitting the embryonal origin of the process, Tvhich nevertheless is involved in like obscurity as to relations of cause and effect.

Ether-spray, on the other hand, of bruises, wasp-stings, etc., can be diminished by the topical application of an ice-poultice. If, now, in the case of the word at present under consideration, we assume its opposite, viz., price producer e, proferre, the matter becomes clear at once. Professor Harper thinks their wonderful power of inducing chemical changes in other substances without apparent change themselves is due to the vibrations of the ether-waves which they set up and which correspond in period with those of the fermentable substance.

These were large for that injection day, notwithstanding the ecclesiastical and theological shadows that hung like damp veils of mist over the entire collection. It seems merely for the sole purpose of seeing, and the rays giving most light effect are probably the only ones produced. Tanning and currying, on, Morfit, C.

The variations in the amount of water in the urine occupy the first rank in respect to prognosis.

Pre-existing' hernia of the ileum probably frequently dra,gs down the cecum.