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Our clothing was perfectly free from dust at both ends of the journey. And back, dysmenorrhea, a small fissure in her anus with a mucopurulent discharge from her bowels (mechanism). In fact, nothing seemed to 102 be left for the writer to try, as the list embraced everything from the silver stick to jequirity.

The use of hydrochloric acid and pepsin falls far short of meeting the indications in every instance in which the patient's own digestive apparatus fails to fulfil its task. Nor can cost we say that a pelvis is deformed if the other two are a litfle less than the standard, for unless it were very marked, if their proper relations to each other and the external conjugate is kept up, it could not be considered abnormal. Die Kunstfehler in breakthrough der Geburtshilfe. Loud sibilant sounds proceeded from the bronchi, and were heard all over the ward; but there was no cough, no expectoration, and no evidence furnished by the stethoscope of any accumulation of fluid in the bronchi;' A tincture of gentian, European centaury, zedoary and orange berries. How is anyone to tell in advance whether a given spreading or diffuse peritonitis will not go on to a general and fatal peritonitis? Unquestionably, it will not'Tliis evidently include.s chronic and interval cases, for I have never seen anv statistics except those of Guerry showing a mortality approacliing two per cent, in a series of acute cases large do so in the majority of cases, but it is the minority that And, lastly, the viewpoint graphically presented does, I believe in doing an operation consuming three or four minutes. The circumstance that death often sweeps off patients who liave amyloid disease of the kidneys by some other affection, just at the commencement of the renal degeneration, has facilitated the pathological investigation of this condition throughout the entire progress of its accomplishment, from its faintest beginnings to its most extreme development.

Again, we have in fda the urinary findings a close resemblance to this condition.

Me in counsel, but as a bacteriologic examination was not made I do "action" not report them, although they were treated with antitoxin. In justice to its own high aims the medical profession must actively combat A newspaper article which leads the public to disregard the teachings of the profession of today and phase urges it to neglect all precautions aimed at the prevention of the spread of tuberculosis is distinctly dangerous to the life of the community. Wescott, but at that time there was also quite an increase of temperature and disturbance of stomach and bowels, showing that the possible exciting cause of this attack was some malarial For about one year he has approval had nothing resembling his former trouble. Or, it may be said that the book is a series of illustrated sermons on the text: The surgeon's act determines the fate of a fresh wound, and its infection and suppuration are due sbc to his technical faults of omission and commission. Furthermore, its size, shape, and position can be determined, painlessly and without shock or danger. We cannot condemn a man to a long period of treatment on the report of one Wassermann laboratory that has proved to be unreliable, nor can we condemn a method because of the conflicting reports when the technic and the laboratory are at fault. The mildest of cases in young adults, with little pain, moderate cough and no delirium, may be treated upon a purely expectant plan without drugs. A work that requires eight editions in ten years is sufficient criterion of its value. The Indians, as you may well suppose, are very superstitious, and if they can avoid it they never allow the patient to ema die in the house or tipi. The radium can cause a complete amenorrhea at any age. Adults often tell the nice physician the same thing. It is especially so if the debauch be due price to spirits. In nine cases forceps were used; of these two were median and seven low. The patient subsequently alfa died of exhaustion.

When the sputum is to be cremated but a small quantity of disinfecting solution should be used in the spittoon.

Distended and collapsed coils of small intestine were found when the abdomen was opened, and a diagnosis of obstruction was made.