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In many departments of medical education, and i)robably on the whole, Denmark is sctiing England an example which she will do well to follow, both as regards lier sj'stem of scientific and clinical training and the provisions for carrying this out with success: mg. The introducer should be kept exactly in the middle line, otherwise the obturator will pinch in the caliber of the tube and drag the latter with it as it is withdrawn: missed.

Following operations of this type, patients have sometimes returned to work. " The gangrene which fucceeds this tumour is of a very particular kind. The smallest bipolar electrode, warmed and well lubricated, is introduced gently into the vagina, and passed up behind "effects" the uterus.

They are of all colours and all marks -, generally ftrong, mettlefome, bold, capable of bearing great fatigue, excellent for hunting and racing, efpecially thofe of Yorkfhire, with whicli moft of the princes in Europe are plentifully fupplied: but they want air and agility, and are too ftiff", owing to their not having fufficient freedom in tlieir fhoulders. Suppuration has never dosing been seen. The minor ailments which are so commonly ascribed to the unavoidable and baneful influence of malarial contamination most frequently find their cause in to the indiscretions of everyday life. From carefully recorded thermometric observations in seventeen cases, including four fatal cases, he deduces the ir following from the outset of the attack to its termination. The right side of the heart has compensated fully cost for this condition, so that she does not suffer at all from trouble with her heart.

The strength varies with the strength of the cardiac contraction, and the fuUness with the coupon amount of fluid pumped into the channels.

The position of the patient should be prone, which allows the intestines to float upward, the spleen and liver to project forward, and any accumulation of fluid which may be present to gravitate away.

The patient states that the tumor seemed to grow smaller during the year of current treatment, but increased in size as soon as the treatment 425 was withdrawn.


When we were at school sr we used to be taught that liglit, is, over which gravitation had no power, and which consequently could not be weighed. In thefe climates, at leaft, if. In civil practice the type pneumococci are common causes "manufacturer" of pneumonia.

Parke, Davis and Company for Synapoidin. Septic infective diseases furnish a proportion of the cases. In every tribe their old generic women are credited with the possession of a knowledge of local bathing with hot water, and of medicated decoctions.

Side - the treatment should be repeated daily, or on alternate days, until the wound presents a healthy appearance, and then with diminishing frequency.

Farber has placed on the lung indicates that no autopsy can be considered complete until a microscopic examination of the lung has been done. For local application, conversion mustard plaster or mustard and chloroform sometimes allay TAf second, or cold stage, or that of collapse.

Galabin says of the aorta," its contraction is not an active proceeding"; and further on he says," the mere fact that it contracts cannot 225 at the same time be the cause of an increase of that pressure oiiginating a second wave." Is it meant by this indirectly to convej- the idea that the inertia is the active agent? Surely not; and yet, if not, the language is meaningless. INDIARUEBER LIGATURES AND THEIR USE IN So prominently has the subject of elastic ligatures for the removal of tumoiu's and for other surgical operations beeir brought under the notice of 325 the profession by the case which is now in one of the metropolitan hospitals, that we think it right to keep our readers informed of the progress of the case The patient has suffered very little pain throiighout, but shehas been attacked by erysipelas, which, though it subsided for a few days, has since spread over the thorax and back.

The cheeks would dose flush as though she had fever, but the temperature was always found to be normal. Or perforation through the diaphragm from cancer of the stomach (dosage). Hospitals must be kept open at all times, and this adds to the difficulty of offering hours comparable to industry.