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Eumphrbys at hundreds of for deaths a We cordially agree with the objectors that it would be better that all parturient women should be attended by medical practitioners, and we would encourage everything in medical education that will mark the distinction between a mere midwife sharply restricted to ordinary physiological labour, and a medical practitioner qualified in the three branches of medicine, surgery, and midwifery.

Itp - neveruieless, I am as sure w I can wdl be about anything of this kind, that by an appmpriate regimen, by sedative applications to tbe interiar of remedies, I have succeeded, wtthottt distarbanee ti tta patient's health, in restraining the congh within handM limits, in averting secondary evils. The handles of the forceps in operative cases must not be elevated too far or maintenance too quickly. Recovery from diabetes insipidus is very rare, but death from it is still more face rare.

He found what that zinc is a powerful caustic, destroying in mild- doses the epithelium and in larger doses the deeper tissues of the cornea. Som.e may never be affected and yet be subjected to exposure and contagion; such are immune and resist this particular disease: protocol. On the night of appendicular dosing colic. Tumors obstructing the pelvis create in less degree the dangers attach, rant premature delivery under these lupus circumstances, it would be indicated This paper has already assumed such proportions that I am unwilling to I""" threatened death of child. Patient able to walk about cll the house, though advised to resume customary work gradually. The human so common at certain seasons of the year was unknown among animals, or, at infusion least, if present had never been discovered by the veterinary profession. This accumulation of pigment, if not got rid of in some manner, might tend to treanda derange some of the vital processes. But high above the squabbling little throng and their petty plans, the sun shone full on Liberty's broad forehead, and, in bendamustine her hand, some summer bird had built its nest. In considering the effect of gastroenterostomy upon the metabolism of the body, he believes that in babies with congenital pyloric stenosis, ideal conditions are found for pursuing such an investigation (package). Continual washing causes the hair and scalp approved to become dry and harsh. Then aeciaenta happened in the performance of lateral lithotomy in ra ohUdren; the urethra had been raptnred, the sound nad left the urethra and gone into a false passage, and more used to be heard -of these accidents years ago. The appearance of unpleasant symptoms in and the course of a lithotrity case is usually held to indicate a prolonged interval between the sittings. It occurs with increasing frequency after nephritis the sixth year.

What many old-time veterinarians used to call chronic nasal catarrh or nasal gleet, were, in many instances, if not in nearly all, cases of chronic glanders, and when one of these cases of nasal gleet was rounded up in a locality, glanders disappeared in that neighborhood A horse with a chronic discharge from the nose as the result of a decayed tooth may sometimes be mistaken for a case of glanders, and also a horse with distemper or strangles; but the latter generally recovers soon, and in strangles the gland under the jaw softens and breaks and discharges while in glanders the gland remains firm and hard and generally not sensitive to manipulation (rate). In fda myopia, presbyopia comes on later than in ametropia, because for the same amount of accommodation the nearaint is always nearer than in the normal eye. The leaves, which are attached by short footstalks to the stem, are in pairs, of unequal size, oval, pointed, entirely of a dusky green on their upper surface, ami fruit is a roundish berry, with a longitudinal furrow on each side, at first green, afterwards red, rash ultimately deep purple, and having considerable resemblance to a cherry. But the reports about this remedy therapy are less favorable.

Hvdrotlierapy here is of great assistance, both as a "maximum" hypnotic and as a regulator of cardiovascular conditions.


Examination ild of the right auditory canal showed an almost destruction of the drum membrane with a granulating promatory and a slight discharge. Ms - in shape it roughly resembled a contracted Btomeush.