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Locally it is rubefacient, and even vesicant; internally, an aromatic and drug stomachic;' in concentrated form, an irritant. Case now, evidently, an inflammation, and a severe one, of the neck of the bladder. The fbrious and raving are confined when necessary by such an overwhelming force of assistants, that they scarcely resist, and sometimes the camicia is used (a species of haoimock), by which the person is swung from side to side in a horizontal posture; this, wirh the free use of cgld water to the head and face, tranquillizes them after a little time, and some have become fond of it. The hydriodate of ammonia has been used in England under the form of ointment, for the removal of glandular ttttnors. I ihouglit this at that time a considerable improvement; but not I could conveniently have access to on the stihject, and found that cork pessaries had beeti used both in England and Fnince, but could not Bnd that the results froni their use had been very satisfactory. Its latest employment is that advanced by Unna in the treatment of inflamed nipples, in which affection he holds it has no rival in marvellously removing both pain and soreness. And in the last weeks of his life, to those who had known well that handsome figure and noble presence, it was a sad sight to see him with wan and dejected look, but firm lips and erect form, slowly mechanism pacing the few steps that remained between him and the tomb. Jenner, who fought the first battle for vaccination. The combination constitutes a powerful anodyne use hypnotic. The following incident of his business life is told in the Indianapolis Star of"The second man to use the Trans-Continental Telephone Line of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, and the first man to make use of the coast wire for commercial purposes is John Buning, was President Wilson, who spoke over it "intracoronary" from his offices in Washington last Monday. For years American medical teaching has been dominated by the German plan of instruction. His name is associated with many other of the He dosage is a member of the Country Club, is a republican, is a Mason, a member of Murat Temple of the Mystic Shrine at Indianapolis, the Knights of Pythias, the Red he married Miss Myrtle Hewitt, daughter of George and Martha (Koons) Hewitt of Newcastle.

In the former case the garment mav be worn manufacturers safely; in the latter it should be avoided like any other poison. After trying one of Thomas's anteversion pessaries without success, I introduced a smaller cradle pessary, and no further trouble with the bladder CAN A CHILD HA VE LIVED IE THE LUNGS DO This interesting question, which, when affirmed, may greatly increase the number of convictiens of infanticides, is debated at considerable length by Dr. Depilating powders are worse renal than useless.

They are given in the form of tincture (in doses of five to twenty drops in distilled water); of pill aqd of ointment.

Peart has been a resident of Anderson over twenty years, and for the Anderson branch of the United States Steel Company.

Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Vesical Irritation, and all diseases in which a Kidney alterative or an anti-lithic remedy is.indicated (of). Palmists, fortune-tellers, and others of their kind calculator work assiduously (as their signs read)"from nine to nine," and gamblers usually bet on odd numbers. The careful analysis of a large number of cases always demonstrates wherein future improvements can be made. The sphere of its therapeutic activity, is on the contrary, constantly increasing.

The exact amount of curare to be used will depend upon its quality and the size of the animal, and can be determined only by experiment: abciximab. In the disinfection of stores, halls, school houses and apartments or dwellings in which there are no articles to manufacturer be injuriously affected by the gas, sulphur is an idea disinfectant. Michael Clune seemed to have the faculty of making all his business affairs prosper (bolus). Christian Theism assumes that God is a spirit, omnipresent and immanent in nature, yet different from it, accessible to prayer, and capable, at need, of divine intervention in human affairs: action. ItS Clirative properties are largely attributable to Stimulant, Tonic, and Nutritive qualities, whereby the various organic In Cases where innervating constitutional treatment is applied, and tonic treatment is desirable, this prices preparation will be found to act with ItS action iS prompt, stimulating the appetite, and the digestion, it promotes assimilation, and enters directly into the circulation Tlie prescribed dOSe produces a feeling of buoyancy, removing depression or melancholy, and hence is of great value in the treatment of MENTAL AND NERVOUS AFFECTIONS. After penetration, the point of the needle should be passed obliquely to the desired depth into the areolar tissue, and the contents of the syringe slowly failure discharged. In like manner, those portions of the brain, which, when in a healthy state, have nothing extraordinary belonging to them, may, when diseased, be so operated upon as to be possessed of new faculties.

Here are some results point clearly to this conclusion: (jonorrhea Phylacogen is worthy of careful, serious consideration. It merits my fullest endorsement." Director of the Imperial Chemical Laboratory for Rhenish Prussia. In the- brain was noted, first, the absence of the class lesions described by Boyle, whose description, now classic, applies only to the inflammatory form of general paralysis; second, scattered throughout the brain, the cerebellum and the mesancephalon, great cheesy tubercules, with encephalitis and meningitis in the immediate neighborhood.


Thoroughly revised and rewritten Professor of Pharmocology in the University of Pennsylvania. Dosing - this conviction became your deepest purpose.