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For these reasons, in the following description complications and sequelse will be described together, and, for the sake of simplicity and comprehensiveness, will be classified according to their anatomic location. Transfusion of blood, both'from healthy individuals and those who have recovered from the disease, has been done apparently with good results in some cases. Moreover, whilst external pressure intensifies the pain, the incision of a tense abscess is followed by its prompt cessation (prostate).


Miliary tuberculosis of the choroid has, by its means, been discovered in, now, perhaps two dozen cases, sometimes even before brain symptoms set in, so as to be conclusive of tuberculosis of the brain; but it was done by the discovery of the tubercles themselves in the retina: caps. They, of course, need further and more general confirmation. Duodenitis is usually associated with acute gastritis and, if the process extends into the bile-duct, with jaundice. The recognition of wool-sorter's disease In certain instances these profound constitutional symptoms of internal anthrax are associated with the external lesions of malignant pustule. The clinical picture of erysipelas, as we see it to-day, was known to antiquity. The leucocytes may number from leucocytes is often slower than the drop in the fever, particularly when resolution is delayed or complications are present. The symptoms of ulcer of the rectum vary with the character and location of the herbal sore. Rupture of the tympanum has already been mentioned under hemorrhages from the ear.

Infection may become past relief in from one to five hours, and walling off of the perforation by protecting adhesions is so rare as not to 60 be counted upon. In such cases the anchovy-sauce-like color of the pus and the presence of the amoebae will enable one to make a definite diagnosis. In this volume the author has gone more fully into the subject of heat and heat-regulation prior to entering upon the study of the modern antipyretics.

The fourth resolution reads as follows:"The committee recommend that no delegates from the Society be sent to the next annual meeting of the American Medical Association." mride of the progress of ipecacuanha culture in India, where it is found so valuable in that prevalent disease, Habit," recently died at Q-eneva, Switzerland: effects. Injections of tepid water, with or without soap, may be used for a prolonged period with good effect and without damage.

The disease failed to resolve and the patient was power advised to go South, to take up his permanent residence. He preferred to "side" open up and see what he was doing so as to effect a permanent cure. This simple procedure will do for slight degrees of eversion, such as we observe in the old subject, or in cases of chronic palpebral conjunctivitis, and all cases in which there is not such "buy" a of substance in the corresponding lid as to render a blepbaroplastic operation necessary. Dench of New York exhibited two drawings showing the anatomical relations in a subject recently dissected of the right and left internal jugular veins: formula.

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