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The main vessels, with the nerve cords, run in the outer wall; and this is accordingly the place of greatest surgical danger, and the point to be as far as possible avoided in all operative procedures. If they wished to work with a species of mosquito, first find out just what it was by sending specimens of it to some one especially working with mosquitoes: susten. Biochemical evidence also indicated the using close similarity of the enzymes frcm P.

To pink acconmodate the facilitated transfer, one of two mechanisms occurs. Every veterinarian in America, and many in foreign lands, knew Dr: early. Acrobatic surgery is no longer a vs safe proposition, as all surgeons are not acrobats, nor are all acrobats surgeons. One reason that the action of vermicides is not very certain, even on the adult strongylinae in the caecum and colon, is that the agents given are partly of absorbed before they reach these organs and are very much diluted in the contents of these organs, which always contain a huge mass of ingesta, even after withholding food or fluids for many hours or days.


Wooldridge will undoubtedly present the complete formal discourse on the general subject, and, besides, my experiences with intravenous, hypodermic, intraperitoneal and rectal anaesthesia has been so disappointing from every does standpoint that I lack the inspiration to write about them..