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A substance called methamoglobin is formed. It always has seemed to me a very good plan to liken the uterus to a fairly good sized pear with body of pear above and neck and stem below. The muscles of mastication (masseters and temporals) may be implicated in rare cases, and the tongue has been found a third larger than normal, so that deglutition and articulation were interfered with to a serious extent. A similar action is possessed by the uterine "inserts" ligaments when descent of the uterus favors their coming into play. It will be taking a first step to the improvement of these methods if we draw up for ourselves a complete list of desiderata. Extreme lassitude, with an undeflnable sensation of malaise in the voluntary muscular system, is accompanied by a sad and downcast air, disturbance of the appetite, dyspnoea, insomnia, hebetude, and other indications of diminished vitality (side).

The heart-beats of the child package accelerated, the head fixed, its greatesl circumference EXPERIENCES WITH THE AXIS-TRACTION FORCEPS. Details of these experiments will be found later on in this article. The earlier the case, the safer the curet. This is done at intervals by making an upward grade, through which the sewage is drawn, and then it runs down to the next rise. Omitting observations which cai proper- tended more to arouse interest than insert to advance ties. This was followed by several hemorrhages from the wound, which were so severe that the patient became anemic and weak. Brinsmade (with the statement that the course recommended was not intended to be retrospective), fiomthe committee on Dr. His heart was irregular and intermittent, with some precordial distress and a painful consciousness of the disturbed action of the organ.

He wants above all the clinical training in a general hospital. The speech is slow and dragging, each syllable being pronounced separately as in the slow scanning of verse, and, therefore, termed scanning speech. From its comparative insolubility this compound has little local effect, but when swallowed, probably through chemical conversion, it is capable of absorption, and exerts the constitutional effects of silver, such as they are. There was a similar but smaller lesion on the forehead close to the primary plaque, while on the back of the hairy scalp another was present. The fifth edition of this well-known book on medical jurisprudence in India has been largely rewritten and many additions have been made. The'protozoa are attracting ever-increasing interest from the effects fact of their occurrence in certain diseases.


Wharton and Curtis' Practice of Surgery. Following a chronic urethritis after a localized point.of inflammation has set up a plastic exudation extending to the submucous structures, new connective tissue forms, and as a result becomes an obstruction in the canal. The nuclei of the syncytial masses resemble the connective-tissue nuclei, but are greatly increased in size. They claimed the perfectly quiet induction, absolute relaxation and complete freedom from after-effects which we are accustomed to see claimed for every innovation in anaesthetic practice.