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She will repay your inquiries with some rich proiessional anecdotes. Such patients I have known to set light to their clothes or dash facts their heads against the walls with the idea of killing In melancliolia sooner or later delusions may be expected to develope, and some delusions are more dangerous than others; and I need only say that they divide themselves into into those in which the patient is most concerned about others Hypochondriacal melancholia is a variety of mental depression in which the subjective malaise is interpreted in some way in reference to the body or its functions. Although the following case was under the personal observation of the writer, he is indebted to Mr (nutrition). Hamilton, an analysis and studv of which have not In their examination I note: First, that ten of the twelve present lines of fracture running both transverse to and parallel with the long axis of the bone; in the greater number these vertical lines of fracture involve only the lower fragment, which is comminuted as the result; in some these vertical lines extend as lines of fissare up into the shaft itself. The erosions must be carefully treated with topical applications, sounds are passed, and minute incisions may be needed; but, mirahilc dictu, these measures require such a skilful adaptation of means to ends that ordinary physicians are apt to put the lives of their patients in peril if they attempt to follow the lead of steel, can safely be wielded only by the discoverer of its new field of usefulness. One must jevity know that at both the splenic and hepatic flexure the bowel will be less prominent than elsewhere.

The edema of nephrosis differs somewhat from this experimental "abbott" edema, because the protein lost in the urine is principally albumin instead of the mixed albumin and globulin of plasma.

The head feels hot, and the vessels of the conjunctiva are injected. The resistance to atoxyl is easiest obtained, next, to arsenophenylglycin, and finally vs to tartar emetic. It is difficult to see why it is easier to obtain resistance to tartar emetic by first establishing tolerance for atoxyl: equivalent.

I low does it happen tiiat man, Dr. It dilates the pupil narrowing the diameter of the nutren iris, squeezing the engorged vessels and reducing the inflammation. Pain; and, on examination, the tumour appears to have become more diffused, and has extended itself lower down. The atmosphere, even with the trial car full of passengers, some of whom were smoking, was perfectly clear hcpcs and good. THE"PENNY SIGNS" effects IN PLEURISY AND ASCITES Dr.

In the third the whole brunt was upon the intestinal tract, and this was the worst type. The cough ceased, and she appeared to be dying.

In the course of time they become Pains appear, which are always very annoying and sometimes show exacerbation of a very acute side and intense form. A white cloud at the 2.0 junction of the fluids indicates albumin, nucleo-albumin or albumose. When well defined symptoms of intestinal injury manifest themselves it will usually be too late for surgical From the location of the wound of entrance I do not believe that any one can say what deeper structures or organs have been injured, nor do I believe that any one can say whether or not its contents have been injured, even when it is known that the cavity has been penetrated.


The cracked-pot sound is usually the sign of a cavity of some size fiber with compressible walls and communicating freely with a bronchus. Cially requests members of the profession with any experience whatever in the use of the Hydrate of Chloral to answer the following questions, and give any information they may possess with reference to the literature of i. Perhaps that accounts for his probable protein record of never having missed a class.

Dislocations and fractures are reduced, and appropriate dressings applied to keep the parts in proper position. AVith these few exceptions, however, if, indeed, they are exceptions, it holds true as a general principle, that puerperal fever never attacks women but where they are prepared for it, either by the birthof the ovum, or perhaps now and tlien by a near approximation to its birth; and hence we may enumerate generally among the great causes of this disease, sucll a condition of the abdomen as is produced here the alternative, or the near approach of delivery, for there is reason to believe, if our records may be relied on, that the fever sometimes commences before the child is This disease, again, is found to rage much more fiercely sometimes than at others; so that, after remaining quiet for fifteen or twenty years together, it suddenly becomea epidemic, and fills our families with mourning, and our printing presses with dissertations.

Content - the family is self-sup- necessary. The wound in the stomach was entirely closed and in fine condition. One hundred and Another pertinent question to be decided and one that grows in importance the more it is considered, is whether the mortality from tuberculosis and the decrease in the same, is a correct indication of the incidence of tuberculosis.