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The incision method of Brauer has so far failed to maintain its place against the simpler puncture method of Forlanini. Genital lesions are uncommon in the female, "hcl" while thirty-two per cent, of the male cases show genital involvement.

Loss of body musculature may partly explain this, but it is probable that the lessened amount of food metabolized i)i iliesc c.ises dws uot provide sufficient energy for the normal exercise rLijuirenients of the body. After the needle is well in the muscle, turn it parallel to the long axis of the liody and toward the ribs, The writer warns against incising the toxic edema sometimes resulting from intramuscular salvarsan injections. India Company a nomination to one of their factories on the Coast of Coromandel as surgeon's mate, probably fortunately for his fame as an author, failed in the examination at the College of Surgeons, as evidenced by the following extract from the Register: found not qualified for ditto." This most interesting note shows, in addition, that the hospital mates of the Company underwent a preliminary surgical examination before being admitted to msds the The attempt to raise men by ballot (substitutes being allowed) Major-General J. The stomach is a good, strong, healthy servant, with possibly a prejudice or two; but if treated fairly it is most obliging and thorough. By the aid of the urethroscope the whole urethra may be examined and the injection source of the trouble located. Ringing in the ears is not very infrequent, but the subjective sound is never interpreted as bells or voices. This may or may not be of serious import according to conditions present. The pathological anatomy is not uniform but various nuclear and peripheral degenerations have been found.


There is often more or less relaxation of the ligaments "sds" of the stomach and colon with a consequent sagging of these organs, and an increased difficulty in evacuating their contents. The nitrate was used in a subjected to warm baths with cold irrigations and faradization once in two days.

We have in Glenwood Springs usp an unique establishment, known as the Natural Vapor Caves.

Two factors are at the bottom of the skeptical attitude of physicians toward the value of oxygen as a therapeutic agent. After several ineffectual attemjits to jjarts with the greatest facility. There has been no return under the care of a homoeopathic practitioner.

He swallowed the whole in two drinks within half an hour. Absorption in the duodenum differs from that in other portions of the intestine in that ligation of this portion does not facilitate aosorption of unaltered protein.