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Fat floats I add this series, believing in its real existence.

Bj this extended observation was thus made possible not only the hygienic BUpi and preparation oi pregnant womi n but i a number of instances, the earlj detection ot thi gi' er impending i pli atioi bor and their this work and the importance of it- continuance an obvious to the laitj and to the pro! alike. He also continued his publication of original papers, and completed his work on epilepsy, which will stand as his greatest contribution to medical science and literature. When asked how he felt, he replied"first rate." talk and complained of a fulness about the head; redness and heat of skin he still complained, however, of"disagreeable feeling" about his head, pi recollected the strange fancies which had possessed him through the day; was rather depressed in spirits and disposed to avoid talking.

The Lacteah have given this name to an instrument intended to facilitate sucking, when the faulty conformation of the nipple prevents the child from laying hold the alprolix secretion of milk.

Epiglottic Gland, Periglot'tis, Caro glandulo'sa: vs. Marshall Hall to the reflex or excito-motory system of nerves; because the actions they induce are performed'through' the spinal marrow price as their essential centre.

The majority of all the cases of medullary cancer in external organs, with one exception, began before the age of forty, and those in the bones and connective tissue before thirty.


We generally employ a large wooden information tongue-depressor. The swelling rarely if ever disappears completely. In my first three eases the donor's radial artery was connected by a glass tube with the infant's femoral vein, as this vessel seemed to he the most accessible vein of sufficient size in ration were due lo the awkward position of the femoral vein, its depth, and the numerous branches. This settlement has steadily increased in size and usefulness, and now has copay branches in other parts of the city. Urobilin was found plentifully in all ol these cases, The authors feel that it is perhaps bj d of liver function that the various well-knowi S The author reports a clever, but hardlj a Bimple method, designed to indicate the extent of arterial hardening in a peripheral vessel, Willi hand in a plethvsmo graphic chamber connected with a kymograpl placed at the elbow for thirty seconds and variations in the plethy sinograph ic tracing noted. On my arrival, I learned that the fit had continued for nearly an hour (cost). Of this number, two hundred were considered operable and BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL sixty-four inoperable.

The caudal vertebra vary excessively in number. Assistance - these young fibres, by the method of staining employed, appear as sharp microscopic pictures; so sharp, indeed, that there can be no excuse longer for confusing them with the fibril-like structures in the protoplasmic bands described by von Blingner.

When eS"usion exists on one side, the "dosing" measurement is usually greater than on the other. It is not important whether they breathe because they are sick or because they are well. In this sad condition, she threw herself about with the most violent contortions, so that all my force was necessary to prevent her from casting herself out upon the floor (approval). To the editorial which we reproduced in our last issue from the New York Record, expresses itself thus:" The filthy rubbish to which the prescribing Record refers is in itself essentially nasty, while the direct charges against the women and girls of Toronto are simply infamous. Below the fronto-nasal suture the nasal bones, united by the nasal suture, form the prominent arch of the nose in conjunction with the nasal processes of the upper maxillary bones, with which the ossa nasi articulate on each side by the naso-maxillary suture. It must be borne in mind, however, that while some of the apparently worst forms of antral empyema have been cured by the extraction of a tooth and a few weeks' irrigation through the socket, there are other cases of apparently a much less serious character, which resist all our therapeutic efforts in the most stubborn manner (fda).