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Keith's Let me "gemzar" now repeat the somewhat scanty statistics of drainage as an introduction to the question of the propriety of systematizing it and substituting it for ovariotomy when the sac is adherent. From Fellows and even officers of the Royal College of Physicians, cost this special unethical procedure has apparently met with no remonstrance. Lucas-Charapionniere, is well ovarian and favourably known to readers of current French literature. The Annual Announcement, giving full cisplatin particulars, will be sent on application PRIZE OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, NEW YORK. The closure of wounds at an early period also results in considerable saving, both in the cost of treatment and in the work of the staff of the hospital: forum. This last condition, friability, makes all manipulations very difficult, especially that of approximation and suture to The second case was of a gentleman of sixty -four, whose life for eight years had been made miserable by biliary pancreatic colic. He believed that this "cholangiocarcinoma" was due to the changes which take place in the body every seven years, and for this reason he often waited two or three years before operating. A sharp pain in the right side, with tenderness, the pain extending to the centre of the bowels and sometimes up neuropathy into the stomach, a pain which does not let up, are pretty sure signs that you should consult your physician. But, on the other hand, the loss microbes are enclosed or encapsuled in the tissues, and are not in a condition to work harm until a new traumatism sets From the practical point of view, in the suppurating wounds of soft parts, contact between microbes and antiseptic sufficient to assure surgical sterilisation is possible of attainment. I mg believe that I am right in saying that the average physician does not strive to recognize this disease as early as is possible, but that he wilfully disregards all evidence of its existence until, in the majority of instances, it is altogether too late. By transillumination the diagnosis of pictures suppuration of the antrum had been easily established.

Be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription, or advertising department of this Journal, should price be addressed to the undersigned. This should be employed hair only in persons who are strong and robust, and at the beginning of the disease. An examination of the treatment Eegistrar-General's returns, in his opinion, favours the opposite view. The involved bowel, if in good condition, that is to say, if still of good colour, smooth surface, clastic and resisting may be returned free into the carboplatin abdomen; but if it have lost its elasticity, be of dull surface, or visibly gangrenous, I am of opinion that it should be rcseited, and an artificial anus established. Thus, after the lapse of some weeks, the dead remains connected with the living part of the bone only by an intervening lamina "and" of delicate fleshy granulations formed at the expense of the living osseous tissue. I was a little uncertain myself as to the nature of the disease for which he sought relief, but there were enough symptoms and signs present to warrant "chemo" me in providing a fixation apparatus, and in employing the cautery. In the dome of the little Greek crossshaped mausoleum are four figures of Faith, Hope, Charity and Science (manufacturer).

Of - when seen, half an hour afterwards, the left foot was much discoloured, bruised, and distorted, owing to the projecting astragalus on the left side of the dorsum; there was also crepitation over the left internal malleolus, but the skin was whole. Widely dilated and insensitive pupils, the face chemotherapy and body being swollen as if dropsical, and covered with a scarlatiniform rash.

For iridectomy, a lung stronger solution than that usually inflamed, cucaine only produced an imperfect anesthesia. Side - chart III shows the results of this experiment. " France," as remarked a recent writer whose work attracted a good deal of attention," is a country of only The wealthy do not care to have large families because Madame cannot afford the time and Monsieur cannot afford the money to dower his daughters, and neither wish to rash be compelled to divide the patrimony among more than two or three. The tumour consisted of one large cyst and many smaller ones (for).


Aitken, of Rome, to attempt to convince the health-officers of some European countries that the mode of spread of cholera and typhoid fever is not identical with that of scarlet fever, or of smaU-pox; and, for the present, equally hopeless to expect even the "bladder" recommendation of the Technical Committee of the though she endeavours to do without sanitary cordons and landquarantine, will insist upon sending ships into quarantine for inde finite periods. About the effectiveness same time Quincke reported ten operations, pressure upon the skull being combined with puncture in the lower spinal region. The more perfect the agent in use, the more truly localised must be its action; and conversely, the more widely distributed be its in action, the less safe is the anesthetic in question. Kidneys: Marked general effects acute congestion involving glomeruli.