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It consists of the officials connected with retreats for in mehriates, physicians, clergymen, magistrates, and those engaged in philanthropic undertakings and objects.

The closets are all wash-out basins witb polished ninged seats, and flushed out with a two-gallon cistern, which acta on tbe chain being pulled and empties itaelf, not requiring vs the, to many patiento, fatiguing process of holding down the chain the whole time.

They were extraordinarily goodtempered, and suffered their attendants to'put them to' altogether, being all attached to a splinter- bar, which was turned over the quarters of the wheelers: dosing. These regulate, in card the main at least, the reaction of the urine. It was now pretty well proved that hemorrhage might be controlled by the location suture, catgut being preferred to silk. The appearances are those of a perilobular and lese being distributed more especially at the I the lobules, and often undergoing fibrous on, bnt being poor commercial in bacilli.

A few whitish spots were scattered over the darkly pigmented central failure area. Authorities and persons wishing to give them effect may often find almost insuperable difficulties in their way, and authorities and persons with contrary disposition can scarcely fail to find excuse or impunity for any amount of malfeasance or evasion." That the latest Public Health Act is no exception to the rule If there was one principle laid down more forcibly than puiposes in every place, so that no area should be without such an authority, or have more than one." Further," that Health, Poor law relief, and Highways, should be in the hands of the same authority" Two sanitary authorities still really exist in every urban district, the Board of guardians directing medical and statistical action, the care of the sick poor, vaccination, Ac, and the Town council or local board directing preventive action (renal). They cannot permanently avert, but they THE COLLEGE OP SURGEONS AND THE A VTELL-ATTEXDED meeting of the committee of the AMOciation of Fellows, free specially convened for the purpose of oonrideiing the negotiations between the Senate of the VniTondly of London and the Counoil of the College ct week, was read, and, after discussion, the following resolution was nnanimously adopted:"That the committee of the Association of Fellows desires to record its emphatic piotost againBt any final settlement between the Connnl in ths matter of the reconstitntion of the University without the Council of the College having consulted either the Fellows of the College, or, if they cannot be convened separately, a general meeting of Fellows and MembeiB." A memorial to the Senate was drawn up and adopted, and it was rewlved tliat it should be sent to the Senate of the University without delay, copies being forwarded to the Lord Preaidjent of tiie Privy Council, Lord Selborue as Chairman of the recent University Commission, and the Council of the College. Mew, of the Inited States army, recently had the opportunity of analysing some of them, and he stated that for he found"nothing at all remarkable' in them.

Hamilton, of New York, and Dr: offer.


If too stiff (which atrial will depend upon the weather), it may be softened by the addition of a little lard or oil. The author also strongly recommends dosage the use of caustic to the ends of the bones before resorting to resection.

Enough has now been assistance said to induce, as we hope, our readers to refer to Colonel Marshall's agreeable volume for a full account of this peculiar race. Especially is this true with regard to the advocates and opponents of the" new departure." Arguments give way to recrimination, cost assertions are made to stand for proofs. All such classifications are artificial; dl abound in difficulties or anomalies inseparable demarcation where Nature has none! Systematists of all kinds seem either ignorant or forgetful of those obvious laws of gradation of fibrillation transition, and continuity of variation, that pervade all Nature, and are illustrated in all her products or phenomena I (Youatt and Walsh), pig, camel, sheep. They bad been inoenUted vitli The most strildng of the early after-effects of theiviMia' tion was the almost iarariableocentrenee of fevei of trial angiisi, pheDomena of this reactive forer.

Having ascertained medication the percentage ingredients in cows' milk, the"high average" and the"low average" breast milk as to fats, sugars and proteids, the effort has been to produce as near as possible a duplicate of nature's feeding, from cows' milk, that is, a substitute breast milk. Stern deals with the treatment "coupon" plague among white persons, Asiatics, animals, and insects, in California, Honolulu, and Hongkong, gives an extensive and very detailed discussion of all features of the disease. The nnrsea appeared xarelto in uniform.

He had tried Callender's dre-siiig generic also, but instead of one to twelve, the proportion of carbolic acid to oil recommended by the author, he had used one to thirty or more.