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He related the histories of a few cases taken at random from his series.

Laycock would speak of vesicular emphyfiema complicated (or not) with pneumogastric hyperresthesia, in a person of the atheromatous and nervous diathesis. The more frequently this overloading he repeated the greater will be the did'erence between the strength of stiiinili and the amount of response.

The temperature is irregularly elevated or distinctly septic in character.

If syphilis appear in the mother during pregnancy, antiluetic treatment should be begun and persisted in even after apparent recovery. Such a report is by no means conclusive, when positive findings of cancer are not made. The first half of the large intestine is derived from the same embryologic sources as is the small intestine, and of the large intestine. Free purgation gives great relief.

Duty at head.iuarteni deparlinent.if I'orto Kico and will report Ix-ave for l.'i days, with permission tn return to the I'niteil States, is MiOor ViitokC. It exhales a The surfeces of the membranes are ordinarily smooth and uniform, but sometimes reticulated. From its inception in tlic simple iirimitivc cell to the curiously oemtrative X-ray imagery. There will be sliivorhig, prostration, the nose hot and dry; later, the animal more or less refuses food, lies price under the litter, the eyes are sunken and the gait is unsteady. The spinous processes of the lumbar vertebrae were not enlarged, nor did they articulate with one another or with the The upper surface of the sacrum was also very dense, and a compact bony lip projected forwards from its anterior The opposing surfaces of the bodies of the fifth lumbar vertebra and the sacrum were each covered by a layer of articular cartilage and synovial membrane, and they were connected by a fibrous capsule, so that an arthrodial joint had replaced the The articular processes of the sacrum were modified in a corresponding manner to those of the fifth lumbar vertebra.

The first incision gave vent to a quart of pus, which neosporin spurted to the height of a foot. A direct irradiation or linear transmission of the disease is the exception, and not the rule.

A correspondent asks if any of our readers have tried the plan of treating open cancers with alcohol or a mixture of alcohol and cliloroform, aj recommeuded some years ago by Professor Beneke, of Marburg. To some of these common errors of diagnosis can be made here, while others must (a) The primary sore of the lip has been mistaken repeatedly for cancer. They both harden the hepatic structure and obstruct the portal circulation, while they may not in equal degree hinder the progress of arterial blood. The pouches vary much in size, the largest of them admitting the end of a finger. She felt a little giddy and said that she would return buy home.


That both these diseases may have a syphilitic and mercurial origin is not a point now under consideration. Nevertheless, their many merits quickly made them sought after, and they have continued to hold acne their own fairly among all competitors. The coagulability of the blood is increased in diseases characterized by an excess of its fibrinproducing constituents, of which cirrhosis of the liver may be mentioned as one having this peculiarity. The notion that medical officers of hospitals for the insane are the pensioners of a party, and for not tlie servants of the whole people, seems to die hard. Hoxie and Lamar report though rather less severe. Consequently, Professor Huxley did not deem it necessary to dwell upon recent speculations on the subject.

Upon this clinical fact I have based a diagnostic bath which materially aids in the differentiation of typhoid powder fever from other diseases which so strongly resemble it during the first week. The percussion resonance is impaired or even flat, and on auscultation bronchial breathing is heard, with occasional DISEASES OF THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM rales that have a metallic quality. The redness is diffused over a surface of several feet in length or is circumscribed in patches of varying size. Besides the of the appendix or cecum. Labor progressed normally and waa concluded AN UNUSUAL CASE OF BILATERAL COLLES' The following case presents nothing new in the way of a bilateral Colles' break existing in one person, especially one arms, namely, a breaking off of the lower end of the radius, the palms of both hands with the entire weight of the body. It must not be forgotten, before puberty, though exceptionally seen even in suckling infants; but after the age of puberty they become more frequent.